Starting out in Success Plans. Looking for tips and tricks

  • 15 May 2020
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HI community,

I am looking for some help with getting our Success Plans off the ground.  I was thinking a quick 20-30 minute brain picking session to see how others did theirs.  Thank you in advance for your help.

2 replies

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Bumping this up, maybe our community champions can answer better.

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We’ve launched a new solution in Sightline Vault for Success Plan “Onboarding Success Plan for New Customers” by the Gainsight community (Mavenlink) to build an effective Onboarding Success Plan for the new customers to capture their key success criteria, and assist them to achieve their targets successfully. 

You can access the solution from Administration > Sightline Vault > Onboarding Success Plan for New Customers and see if this will be helpful. 

Following are the key benefits of this solution:

  • You can use the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Survey to capture critical success criteria for your client.
  • It provides a structure for you and your team to take a long-term strategic look at how you want to guide and grow your customers.
  • It helps in aligning teams on the customer’s priorities and ensures a smooth transition from one stage to another.
  • You can track accomplishment and report back to customers on what was delivered and when, and ensure the team is able to keep track of what’s complete vs. outstanding.