Sponsor Tracking Unlink via Rules Engine?

  • 30 July 2020
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Is it possible via Rules Engine to REMOVE a record from the SponsorTracking object? 

Use case:  we are using a custom field in our Person object to indicate a contact is a Primary Point of Contact.  When a contact is added to SponsorTracking, we fire a rule that populates that custom field as result.

We want the reverse process to also apply; if the custom field is unchecked in Person, then their record should be removed from SponsorTracking.

I’ve reviewed Rules Engine and don’t see any Action option (e.g. Load to Salesforce) to bring in the SponsorTracking object for any operation (Insert, Update, Upsert). 

This leads me to think that SponsorTracking records can really only be manipulated on our side via the UI Link and Unlink button. 




Thanks all.



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You would need to be able to edit the data within the Sponsor Tracking object table, which isn’t possible currently via Rules.

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No, we don't have the option to delete/untrack from sponsor tracking via rules.


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I do wish Gainsight would support Jeremy’s use case: the addition or removal of Tracked Sponsors via logic instead of by ‘manual’ adds and removes on the C/R360 Sponsor Tracking panel. I’ve had that need on several occasions, whereby my CSM’s eventually said the maintenance of Contacts/Persons and also the second step to add/remove them individually from Sponsor Tracking exceeded the value of Sponsor Tracking.


Permitting Sponsor Tracking logic akin to maintaining the Company Intelligence Company list (applying filters to select Companies in or out for Company Intelligence) would be great here.