Sponsor Tracking - How Are Changes Captured?

  • 31 July 2020
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We are starting Sponsor Tracking and I have associated my contact with an account to test the CTA for a company change and JO email for title change.

I am trying to test the CTA and JO participant sync by updating my LinkedIn profile, however it has seemed to capture the Title and Company change I have done.

Is there a lag time from when a LinkedIn profile is updated to when it is captured? How exactly does the log object capture the change? There is not a title, company, or location field on the Sponsor Tracking object so it just scrubbed by a bot on the LinkedIn profile?

1 reply

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As far as I understand, whenever Sponsor Tracking log object > Changed Attribute field value changes to ‘true’, the record is logged in this object. The field value for Changed Attribute is determined by any changes  that occur whenever a profile is refreshed.