Refresh the OAuth Token Automatically for Dynamics Connector after 90 Days of Inactive

  • 15 June 2021
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Hello Team,

When we authorize the Dynamics Connection, it will generate a new Auth Token and that token has 90 day expiry period. If the connection was not yet authorized for next 90 days then token will expiry and Jobs will started failing. However, If we re-authorize the connection then new OAuth Token will be generated and jobs will run normally but it is a repeat process for every 90 days. Could you please verify and see if we can have an token refreshed automatically when it is about to expiry

3 replies

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Hi @Ritesh Sharma 

If there is a known bug/feature whereby we need to manually refresh the auth token every 90 days from Gainsight, I would expect this to be noted in Gainsight’s Dynamics connector docs but I couldn’t see anything.

Have you made any progress internally on this and if not, should we set up an internal process to proactively refresh the tokens at least every 90 days, so that they don’t expire and cause jobs to fail?


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There is a limitation at Dynamics’ end ( As suggested by @kbolam , we are trying to see if we can work around this limitation. Will keep you posted

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One thing I found from working with my engineers is that Azure AD on our side doesn’t detect that it has been “working”. Meaning that it has connected to Gainsight to run jobs. If Gainsight could at least give that acknowledgement, no refresh token would be necessary. It would detect that it has been an active account, and never lose its token.