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  • 24 January 2023
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I am trying to outline an Average of Session Count YTD with the data that has come into CS from PX side. When I use the report builder to outline Session Count by Month, I am able to do that and also add filters for Person Id where I exclude anything that contains specific email type such as gmail (As we get emails in Person Id field from PX). But in report builder I am not able to calculate Average Session Count by Year to Date. Since the formula field dosent allows me to sum the Count of Sessions and divide it by months for current year.

I then went into Data Designer and when I am trying to outline the object and put filter on Person Id, it dosen’t provides ‘Does not contain’ option and rather it only allows one specific value to be entered.

  1. Can the Person Id field be made to work like it does in Report Builder when used in filters. Such that it allows ‘Does not Contain’ as a option to exclude certain elements.
  2. Can the formula field in Report Builder be made more enhanced where the aggregation of the field can be used in the formula to create a new field.
  3. The data designer also has a limitation where we cant extract Year or Month from the date and use that to group by data. Can the Data Designer be enhanced to tackle Dates.

Note: I have already spoken to support on this and they stated that this is a limitation at this point.

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