Is API access similar for GS and NXT

  • 26 October 2021
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Will the Person and Company object lookup APIs work similarly for GS and NXT. I mean, if one client is able to provide with access key and domain URL for Gainsight GS and another client is able to provide access to their access key and domain URL. Then will the same code to access Person and Company object work correctly? OR are the APIs different for GS and NXT

8 replies

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Hello @manojkokal, thank you for your detailed post, having this looked into by our Product Manager who will get back at the earliest.


Any update on this yet?


Was the product team able to review the request yet?

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@pgeorge for this discussion. 


I have not got a confirmation on this yet.

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Sorry about that @manojkokal , I’m following up on this.

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Hi @manojkokal 

Extremely sorry for the delay here


Could you give me a few more details on the difference between GS and NXT? Is it between the Hybrid and Standalone Gainsight Instances?

When you say Clients, do you mean Gainsight Users or are they different external applications accessing the APIs?


Thank you



We have Gainsight SF CX edition. I can build and execute APIs successfully by integrating with this. It works correctly. However, if I include this as feature in my product and our client which is “Company X” has Gainsight but uses NXT and not SF edition will the feature work for them (assuming I have GS login credentials for Company X and update to their valid API access key)