Increase or remove character limit of success plan

  • 15 September 2021
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Current behaviour: Currently each text section in the success plan has a 15000 character limit. That’s not enough to hold the often super robust, detailed notes of our team :(

Ideal behaviour: Could we please increase the character limit, or even get rid of the character limit altogether.

Some workarounds we know exists are to input a link to an external text editor etc. but we’d rather not go down that route, as we’re really hoping Gainsight to be our one source of truth (which should be the case right!)

2 replies

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Hello @valc, thank you for your post.

Your belief that Gainsight is your source of truth especially in cases as such is what enables enhancements in the product which is useful not only for you but also for others.  Quickly looping in our Product Manager to look into this character limit request and get back to you with an answer. 


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Thank you for the feedback. Currently the RTE fields have15000 character limit but I understand the usecase. We will have to understand the technical challenges/feasibility too. Upvotes will help prioritise the feature in the future roadmaps