How can I customize the navbar in Gainsight to show my preferred tools that I work with?

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What the title says. I want to add apps to the navbar. How can I do this?



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Are you referring to the left navigation menu below? That’s not possible. 



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You can add items to the navigation menu on the C360: 



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Thanks for the reply!

I was referring to the navbar:

Not the sidebar.

I saw in Salesforce that it is editable as an admin.

In GS I am also super admin, but I couldn’t find any documentation that covers this.


And I noticed that the items in the navbar are different than what’s available in the sidebar (for the GS landing page). The ones in green are extra.

And I want to add Administration as a link at the top, for instance. 

Or Reports… 
Since I don’t want to go to the Gainsight tab each time I want to access these functions.


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It is doable and to quote the Mandalorian, “this is the way” ( 1:30 ): 


I spoke with GS Support and if the pencil is not available, as with my instance, we must speak with a Salesforce admin to upgrade the instance to the lightning view.

I just had this, instead of the editing pencil:


Bare in mind, I discovered there can be 3 different views of Gainsight, accessible via lightning experience view or app switch from the upper right or Gainsight tab click without app switch:


1 Gainsight app switch from upper right:


2 (lightning view):


3.Sales app, but with Gainsight tab clicked refreshes the page and shows configured Gainsight tabs in classic view:

via the Customize screen, accessible from here:

Be sure to select Gainsight app when adding items


My quest was to see how to add tabs to the lightning view of GS , but I must speak with an admin to do the upgrade.

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Correct! It’s doable in Salesforce. Not in Gainsight. 

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But wouldn’t that Info icon change to a Pencil icon if the SF admin would upgrade GS to Lightning as stated in the information pop-up ?


That’s what support said; that after we talk with the SF admin, we can add tabs to Gainsight (in Lightning exp)


And the screenshot I appended in my earlier post, shows the Classic view of Gainsight showing the tabs that I added via the “+” icon from SF, but available in the Gainsight app - as shown in the upper right.