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  • 29 July 2020
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Hi everyone! My organization is looking to roll-out viewer licenses to our organization in the next few weeks. We are planning to send an email to all relevant stakeholders and most likely include a link to a training doc that myself and a few others will create to review what Gainsight is, how it can help, etc. Does anybody have any best practices or other ideas for rolling out viewer licenses?



2 replies

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There are a couple of free courses on Gainsight University for Viewer:

NXT: https://education.gainsight.com/series/end-user-training-for-nxt/gainsight-team-view-nxt

SFDC: https://education.gainsight.com/series/end-user-training/gainsight-team-view-sf

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Hi @Tburns34

As John mentioned, there is the free course on the Gainsight University for helping to train new users. I would recommend that as well. 

As a best practice, I have found in the past that it can be difficult to drive adoption with viewers if you are trying to get them to log into another system to just view data. There’s two options to combat that: 

  • Sally Integration with Slack
  • Add Gainsight to Salesforce

I would recommend setting up Sally if you use Slack internally. This can be a much easier way for Viewers to quickly access the data they need without having to log in to a new systems. Gainsight has some how to set it up information here and some end-user training materials here

To add Gainsight to Salesforce, you can add the Account widget on the Account page layout. That will allow anyone viewing an account in SFDC to also see all the related Gainsight information. If your Viewers are already logging into SFDC and looking at accounts, this can be incredibly helpful. Here are are some details on how to set this up. 

For training your users, I would recommend some type of cheat sheets or 1-pagers so that they can easily see how to access GS data. I would recommend also having a slack channel or a way for them to ask for help if they run into any problems. 


Hope this helps!