Gainsight Sally - Slack to Timeline formatting issues

  • 1 September 2021
  • 2 replies


Are there best practices around how to ensure that the entry from Slack to Gainsight Timeline appears how you want it? Some of our CSMs are having issues where they have line breaks and bullet points but the entry comes out in one clumpy paragraph. 


2 replies

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Hey @tiffany_hui, thank you for your post. We understand that the CSMs are facing some issues here, we will look into this for you and get back with a resolution/best practises for the entry from Slack to Gainsight timeline.

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@tiffany_hui sorry to hear this. Is it possible to share some screenshots on this? There are no separate steps/best practices involved here. We honour all the Slack formatting while pushing data from Slack to Gainsight Timeline.