Gainsight Introduces Success Plan APIs

  • 22 February 2021
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Admins can now fetch, create (with or without Objectives), update Success Plan, and get Success Plan configurations using Rest APIs.

Success Plan helps admins capture, track activity, and share progress on the customers’ key goals using Objective CTAs and their associated Tasks, but not all teams who benefit from accessing Success Plan always use Gainsight. They might have systems of their choice and expect Gainsight to integrate better with them. Customers who have the development resources can use these APIs to build tighter and more customized integrations between Gainsight and other systems they use. These APIs give Admins the capability to integrate Success Plan data and build out these workflows in other systems. 

For more information on how to use these APIs, refer to the Success Plan APIs article.

Example Business Use Cases:

  • Capture your customer’s strategic goals and easily share progress updates with them.
  • Automatically trigger Success Plans at important milestones in a lifecycle to ensure proper hand-off from one stage to another.
  • Create individualized Success Plans to track the progress of granular customer relationships for various products, departments, or locations.
  • Monitor goal attainment and visualize your project progress with intuitive Gantt Charts.
  • Track team performance against customer objectives by incorporating Success Plan metrics in your management dashboards.

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@sakumar Thanks for posting the business use-case too.