Fiscal year setup in Gainsight NXT

  • 14 October 2021
  • 2 replies

Currently Gainsight NXT only allows to set custom Fiscal year at the month level (start of month) and that is not how enterprise companies fiscal calendars work. Need ability to add custom fiscal year in Gainsight NXT and set the fiscal quarter cadence (4-4-5 etc) and then use that  in reports and other features within GNXT.

2 replies

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Definitely useful feature. 

If the fiscal year settings are already configured in SFDC, how is Gainsight handling the dates in NXT(while migrating to NXT)


Without the ability to customize this - our reporting is always off.  For instance our FQs often start/end not on the first/last day of the month.  Causing our reporting from GS to be questioned.