Anyone else experiencing Salesforce page layout issues?

  • 24 February 2020
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Recently, and this might be part of the salesforce security update, we had all our page layout assignment settings reset. On top of this, when accessing Salesforce records like Account or Opportunities, the page layout assignment has also disappeared. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to assign the correct layout for the Gainsight app using App Manager. Not sure why this changed.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you know how I can assign lightning record page layouts to profiles in Salesforce now? I can check with salesforce support as well but thought I’d ask here since this is specific to Gainsight app.​​​​​​

2 replies

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@manmeet_dosanjh could you please help us with a screenshot for better understanding.

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So we have page layout assignments for our CSMs based on their profile. This works when accessing, say the Account object, from the “Sales” app. However, these settings don’t seem to stick when viewing the SFDC Account object from the Gainsight app. 

Screenshots are attached. 

Sales view



Gainsight App view



As you can see - the page layout assignments are not the same. I’m mostly curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this? I can open a ticket with salesforce but wanted to check with GS first.