HIRING: REMOTE Gainsight Admin

  • 20 July 2021
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About the Role:

You will join our team to work toward implementing the Gainsight CS and PX platform and integrating it with our Salesforce instance. To be successful, you'll need to be comfortable understanding business requirements, translating them to effective solutions, and

socializing those solutions among your colleagues and business partners.


This is our year to scale our technology and our operational infrastructure in order to handle high transaction volumes. If you’re looking for an opportunity to help a company grow – not just maintain a status quo... this is your chance!


What you’ll be doing:

  • Work cross-functionally with product owners, sales & success, marketing and revenue operations teams to learn business needs and instrument products. Ensure the effective performance and functionality of Gainsight.
  • Design, build, validate and adjust workflows, reports and dashboards that analyze customer data from multiple sources, synthesize findings, and trigger actions for our Sales & Success team to proactively engage with champions.
  • Ensure ongoing data integrity by continuously identifying and correcting data issues.
  • Create & maintain change management processes.
  • Support, maintain, configure and administer Gainsight, owning the Gainsight architecture and configuration. Perform technical administration and day-to-day management.
  • Configure and deploy external integrations with Gainsight PX and CS.
  • Serve as the front line support for our internal end-users to field questions, troubleshoot issues and resolve problems.
  • Configure user access and permissions across Gainsight PX and CS.
  • Monitor system performance, data integrity, and user activity to make recommendations for continuous improvements.
  • Support business strategy development for the Growth and Success teams.
  • Design business rules to import and analyze customer data in Gainsight CS.
  • Support Journey Orchestrator for Gloo’s Growth team in Gainsight CS.
  • Manage the implementation of new solutions, including requirements gathering, design, testing, training, successful roll-out, and continuous improvement.
  • Stretch yourself professionally by jumping into unfamiliar territory whenever necessary.


Required Skills

-1 year of Gainsight CS and PX administration
-Experience writing rules between CS and PX
-Experience building and implementing Gainsight systems



-$85,000-$115,000 depending upon experience.


If you are interested feel free to email me at Alec.Reed@insightglobal.com


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