Webinar Recording: Horizon Analytics: Deep Dive & Preparing for Migration

Webinar Recording: Horizon Analytics: Deep Dive & Preparing for Migration
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Missed our webinar this week on Horizon Analytics: Deep Dive & Preparing for Migration? You’re in luck, you can find the full recording here


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Awesome job @rakesh @tim_van_lew @sdrostgainsightcom !!



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Just caught up with this, looking forward to the migration as I am just about to embark on a full review (and rebuild) of all reports/dashboards in our instance so it works perfectly with that timing. 

@rakesh you mentioned that the re-ordering of global filters is being tackled separately (glad to hear that is coming), could I please also request the ability to OR global filters in someway. The use case we have is that we sometimes have a support CSM associated to an account and a CSM may want to look at their full book of business including where they are listed as either CSM or Support CSM. Right now they have to change the filters and can only see the results separately. 


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Following up with a couple questions we were unable to answer live on the webinar: 


Q: Can you explain how the refresh of dashboard/view from tableau will work with Gainsight?

A: When you embed Tableau dashboard into Gainsight dashboard, it’s the exact same as viewing Tableau in a tab.


Q: I often share dashboard links via slack. Currently I have to use the preview and share option to open up a new tab with a shareable link. Is that process still the same or is the actual dashboard link shareable?

A: This is not directly available today. However, we have a feature planned which will let you to grab the URL of dashboards. If you are on NXT, you can click on dashboard from dashboard list and the url should change to this - https://*.gainsightcloud.com/v1/ui/home#DashboardID which is directly sharable.


Further documentation on Horizon Analytics can be found below:

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