Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting - Enhanced Email Assist for CSM

  • 14 September 2023
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Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting - Enhanced Email Assist for CSM
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Hi Community! We need your feedback via a Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting with our Product Management team


What is the VCAM about?

  • Sending Bulk Emails from Email Assist 

What is the Agenda of the VCAM? 

  • To understand the business need for enabling CSMs to send bulk emails to specific contacts across its customer base.

What is the outcome you are looking for as part of this VCAM?

  • To get an understanding of the following: 
    • Which CSM team persona will benefit most with such kind of capability?
    • What are the biggest business drivers for enabling CSM teams with bulk email-sending capability?
  • To get an in-depth understanding of end-user experience for CSMs to 
    • Filter specific contacts from its customers 
    • Create/ Edit personal email templates
    • View Report /Analytics 
  • What could be the top filter criteria for selecting customer contacts or recipient personas to send bulk emails by CSMs?

When is this happening?

  • Thursday 28th September 2023 -  12:00  PM ET / 9:00 AM PT/ 09:30 PM IST
  • Tuesday 10th October 2023 -  12:00  PM ET / 9:00 AM PT/ 09:30 PM IST

Who is the right person to enroll for the VCAM?

  • As a CSM or CS Team Manager are you  looking to enable your CS teams to send bulk emails?
  • Would this kind of capability make CS  team’s job more efficient & reduce dependency on Admin for creating simple journeys?
  • As a CS team member would you be interested in sending bulk email to contacts in you book of business based on different criteria like renewal date, ARR ,role, industry?

What should you do?

  • Please register for the roundtable to the slots provided using this form. We will reply back with a calendar invitation. If you cannot use Google Forms due to company restrictions you can email to sign up. 


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This is an interesting feature!

Google recently rolled out its own version of Mail Merge/Bulk Email in Gmail, there are probably a lot of similar business use cases.

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Thank you @benwanlessmenlo. Looping in @ssamarth  to take a look at this :) 

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​​​​@ssamarth / @Cornelia I agree with Ben, this would be an interesting feature as we do have some hands-on CSMs who would appreciate the ability to curate their own audience and email templates and sends.

Our team currently uses Gmail's Multi-send feature to create email templates and send 1 email to many, but the downside is that it is not compatible with Gainsight Assist and cannot automatically push these bulk emails to each customer’s Timeline in GS so CSMs have to go back to the sent emails and push them to Timeline manually, which can be time consuming and they shouldn’t have to do that really. 


To be honest, I hadn’t thought about Email Assist in quite some time as we only have a handful of users sending one-off emails via the Email Assist “Send Email” function off Cockpit right now and that’s pretty much when there is an existing or manually created CTA that they need to process, but what about those emails that pertain to multiple customers and can be sent out all at once?


Since CSMs won’t take the time to manually create a CTA first to get to the “Send Email” function, and any email sent by way of a CTA would only post to Timeline for that account tied to that CTA, it would be better to have it available in a more obvious place, whether it’s its own “Email Assist” tab in the left-hand navbar, or in Timeline where they can send an email from a button and have the same capabilities like Gmail multi-send in pulling existing templates or creating their own templates and then sending 1 to many emails and having these get posted to Timeline.


Any bigger, more complex jobs can go automated by way of JO via the admins as the idea is to remove any manual work whenever we can but allow CSMs a fluid way to manage their comms.


Thanks @benwanlessmenlo for forwarding me this invite. I unfortunately can’t make it next week but signed up for the October one. :)