US Admin Office Hours (Tuesday session) - 11/16/21 - 1 pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET - Pre-session Thread

  • 16 November 2021
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Hello everyone!

This thread is for today’s Tuesday Admin Office Hours session, Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET.

Please submit your questions below as replies to this post in advance if you can, and we'll address them during the session (or if there’s a quick answer available, we’ll post as replies to the questions).

There is no need to register for these sessions - you can join at any time. Once the session is underway, I will go in order of questions posted below first, then field questions from anybody else who has joined as well. Look forward to talking with you!

Conference Details (Zoom):

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET


Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 955 7972 8548

Password: 457364


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15 replies

Hi Scott!

We built a custom object where we are tracking health metrics by instance, which has been great for granular insight. The challenge we are hitting is if the instance (BV site) gets associated to a new account in SFDC, our logic isn’t removing it from the original account and we see duplicate rows! We’d love to chat through ways to improve our logic so that we can keep one instance record always associated to the current Account record! I have a feeling it’s a mapping change but would welcome your ideas!

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I’ve been testing Horizon Analytics but have seen odd behavior in the reporting that migrated over.  (cut-over date didn’t happen yet),

  • Is the data current or a snapshot?
  • I had renamed an MDA object, but the HA report shows old name whereas new reports created for that object appear correct.
  • An empty folder cannot be deleted because HA assumes it is not empty.
  • Cannot modify filters that had Fiscal date filters.
  • Are SFDC fiscal dates still supported?
  • Reports used in layouts have no “Used in” field completed
  • Settings –> Migration Plan-->does not display so we cannot push back date if needed


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I am having issued with OPPTIES coming over into the SFDC.
For a quick reminder: We migrated last week, this OPPTY exists and have tried to filter for it, and it is not working I get 0/0.

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Hi Scott, have a question about a report’s filter being accurate. 

Also we have a new CSM, our process is that CSMs are assigned via a rule after they pick up a CTA for a company with no CSM assigned, this is not happening for the new CSM, need help identifying why.




Looking for help to hopefully create a simple report to track Health score progress for my CSMs. We use a letter grading system and ideally I want the report to show which accounts have moved from one grade to another over the last quarter for example.

Ex. For CSM 1 - It shows their accounts that have moved from a ‘F’ grade to an ‘A’ grade and from ‘A’ to ‘F’.  

If they could see the account names to click into, the score they went from last quarter to this quarter that would be a great starting point. Thanks.

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Will the meeting be starting soon? Still waiting for it to start.

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Hello @anthonysabato -- you’re 3 hrs early!  Starts at 3pm Central today

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my anticipation was strong lol thanx!

I am having challenges with Overall health Score.


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Hello @mbennett -- sorry we didn’t get to your question before the end of the session!

If it’s a straightforward question (meaning, I might be able to answer it with a little typing to get you pointed in the right direction), post some details here and I’ll drop a line back either with the answer, or “Nope - bring it to the Thursday session and we’ll walk it through”.



Sorry I jumped in at the last minute during the call. I am seeing Overall Score cards being GREEN when the Adoption Measure (which is 60% of the score) is clearly Red or yellow. I don’t think my Overall Scores are updating properly.


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Hello @anthonysabato -- I’ve checked into the open questions for you on your Horizon Analytics preview stage:

  • On the “Used in C360”, I confirmed that what I thought was correct: only the source report in Reports will show as C360 until the final conversion.  Basically, in the HA preview, you can see Dashboard usage for the HA reports because those dashboards have ALSO been migrated for this Preview Period -- so the HA report is showing as “Used In” the HA Dashboard.   However, the HA report isn’t “swapped into” a copy of the C360 somehow - until the final conversion, it isn’t going to show up there.
  • You can confirm that the Used In works by adding a new HA report to a C360 section . . . then you’ll see the “C360” notation for that report.
  • On the frozen fiscal filters:  FY filters are supposed to continue working in HA, although I was only able to test in NXT environment and didn’t have a chance to confirm the SFDC Edition side.  Especially given the “frozen” issue, I recommend opening a ticket so they can look into it.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the screenshot, @mbennett -- here’s my best guess without seeing it live (as another screenshot).  Basically, I’d check the Scorecard Settings for the type of scorecard you are using (RYG, A-F, or 0-100) -- have a feeling that you might have a mis-labeled group, or a too-large bucket configured.


See below screenshot from my test org -- if that doesn’t help narrow it down, jump on the Thursday session (I will post a thread for it soon) and we’ll take a look!


Yes I think my values are too low. Are your values more of the industry standard that you would recommend? If so I will change all of mine for all 3 scorecards.



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@sdrostgainsightcom  Thank you. Yes that makes sense. And on the Fiscal date item, it seems you have to use the Group by to set the date filter. You cannot edit it like you would other filters. Seems odd but I figured it out ;) Thanks for the quick reply.