US Admin Office Hours - 5/8/19 - Please note this is Wednesday, not Tuesday

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Hi everyone, this thread is for our new second weekly Admin Office Hours session, which will be held Wednesday May 8, 2019. Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET. (I have a conflict Tuesday at 3 p.m. CT when we've normally been doing this second session)

There is no need to register for the sessions anymore. If you have a question, please post below or join the meeting. I will go in order of posts below or joining the session. Thanks!

Conference Details

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (872) 240-3412

Access Code: 493-151-677

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Hi Spencer, I'm having trouble with my MDA field looking up to another object, hoping to walk through it

I'm having some trouble writing a simple formula for a calculated data object field so that both positive and negative values can be reference.

Hi Spencer-

I am hoping for some help on an open ticket, filter settings and Data Anomolies