Admin Office Hours - 10/22/18

  • 15 October 2018
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This thread is for the Admin Office Hours session for Thursday October 11, 2018.  Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 11am PST / 12pm MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST.

There is no need to register for the sessions anymore.  If you have a question, please post below or join the meeting.  I will go in order of posts below or joining the session.  Thanks!!


2 replies

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Hi Christopher,

Had a question about how I might be able to limit the number of CTAs created by a rule, selecting random rows from the dataset. 

Use Case:
We have a support queue with a few reps responding to customers. I want to setup a CTA for the manager of these reps to review 10 random cases that our reps have responded to. I can get to a point where I have the cases that I need isolated in the dataset, but I'm not sure how I can limit the CTAs created to, say, 10 cases to review. 

I can either get the rule to create 1 CTA in total or 1 CTA per case. 

Hoping there's some solution you might be able to help with.


- Pele

I have a question about doing a transformation/calculation task after a merge task when creating a bionic rule. The goal is to divide the sum of one field by the sum of another field.

I have:
  • Two dataset tasks pulling from different objects. They are both only pulling a sum and then filtering by a certain set of parameters.
  • I will be merging the two in order to then do...
  • The transformation/calculation. I know exactly what I need to do for the calculation and know exactly where I need to map the field (To our NG Aggregation Gainsight object).
My problems are with the merge task. I don't know what type of Join I need to do, or where to map the fields and could use some guidance on how to best build that task to get what I'm looking for. Thanks for any help you can offer!