The Community This Week - Careers in Gainsight Admin and Customer Success

  • 24 November 2022
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The Community This Week - Careers in Gainsight Admin and Customer Success
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What is it?


The Community world is so dynamic that it is easy to miss the macro for the multitude of micro events that make a Community-day.
So I've started this new series of bringing you the week on the GameChanger Community in video from the unique position I get to view it from as the Community Manager.

We'll call it, 'The Community This Week'.


This week’s roundup


In the theme of Gratitude and Thanks Giving, this week's GameChanger roundup is about Career continuity and transitions through opportunities in the Customer Success Ops and Gainsight Admin world.


Taking this opportunity to say Thank You to the AWESOME Admins and CS pros. of this very Community who make GameChanger such a special place. 


  1. Consideration How can anyone become a Gainsight Admin
  2. Opportunities - The weekly roundups Revathi posts - Subscribe to the Lounge Area
  3. Inspiration - Amazing career transition stories of admins by Lila Meyer - follow the interview series in the Training and Certification area
  4. Training - Our formal Training & Cert venue
  5. Training can be fun - Learn as a group of Beginner Admins in Training
  6. Admin workshops - Like this one - Check out our Events page


Let us know in the comments

  • Share your career story and help build the convo
  • Other things you’d like to see covered in upcoming weekly digests

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