[2] Let’s Introduce Ourselves!!

[2] Let’s Introduce Ourselves!!
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Hi All, Hope you all are doing well!

Most of you already know me, but I want to introduce myself and welcome new joinees to the community! I also want to encourage new users to introduce themselves here, so we can know each other better and communicate quickly.

I‘m Sai Ram and I’m the Community Manager at Gainsight, based in Hyderabad, India. I’ve worked here in a few different departments, and I’m knowledgeable with all areas of the products. I consider myself an expert on C360, Relationships, Scorecards, Cockpit and Timeline.

I’m responsible for managing Community communications and I make sure information flows fast between customers and the product team. I also monitor popular ideas from the community and help bring them to the attention of our product team. I’m also responsible for running periodic community contests.

I also spend a lot of time after work with my children, friends and on physical fitness. 


Please tell us a bit about yourself! Here’s a few questions for your consideration:

What’s your current role and where are you based?

What are you hoping to learn from the community?

What do you like to do for fun?

Oh and btw,  Complete your profile :) 


Next steps:

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Thanks for starting the introductions, Sai! We’re seeing lots of new members joining during the Pulse Everywhere event, and we’re excited to welcome everyone to participate in the Community. 

I’m Lila, and I work with the Gainsight product documentation team, Sai and the community, as well as I support various product release enablement efforts. When I’m not working, you can often find me in the garden, walking/hiking around the Portland, Oregon area, or baking and sharing sweets with friends! 

Here’s my homemade backyard brunch last weekend: :wink:


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Hi Everyone! 


My name is Eleanora White and I am the Head of Customer Success at Cube. Cube is a remote-first company based out of New York but I’m personally located in the Boston area! We’re currently implementing Gainsight and plan to go live later this month! I can’t wait to leverage the community to learn what unique approaches other businesses are taking with Gainsight and how we can apply that back to our own instance. 

Looking forward to learning from all of you! 

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Hi everyone! 👋

I’m Sarah, CS Lead at PostBeyond, by Influitive and really excited to join this community! 

A bit about me, I’m based out of Toronto, Canada, lead a wonderful group of CSMs (super grateful for my team) and am a 360 feedback nerd. 🤓

As a fairly new CS leader, I’m eager to use this community to learn more best practices for improving the maturity and efficiency of CS orgs. 

When I’m not CSing, I’m a crazy dog lady and love to go for hikes and long walks with my pup. Have a bad case of wanderlust and love to travel (have been to over 12 countries so far!) and run a fitness app for women called Harmonē in my spare time. 

Looking forward to connecting with you all! Reach out to chat all things Customer Success, movies🍿, dogs 🐶, Great British Bake Off 🎂 and travel!✈️

Good day! 

Today is the first day Gainsight is live at Zoom and I couldn’t be more excited. As a CSM on our Higher Ed team, I look forward to being a huge advocate for the platform based on my past experience with it. 



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Namaste everyone! 

I am Snigdha Adiraju, a new joinee at Gainsight in the position of Customer Marketing Consultant; based out of Hyderabad, India. I will be assisting my team in Campaign Management and Reference & Advocacy. Recently, graduated with a Master's in Business Administration; I worked in various marketing roles. I hold expertise in content design and development. A manic of Designing and Market engagement. Grasp in tools like MailChimp, Canva, Photoshop, CoralDraw, InDesign, and many more to come. 
I enjoy Dancing, Painting, and engaging in lots of physical fitness. I call myself a Solivagant and a spiritual seeker.

Look forward to connecting with you all and learning more about Gainsight! 


Welcome, @eleanorarosewhite! Excited you are already getting involved with the community. So much knowledge and opportunity to connect with others. 

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Hello Community!

I’m Kunal and I have recently joined Gainsight in Hyderabad, India as an Associate Customer Success Consultant. My vision and mission already resonates with that of Gainsights and I must say, what a wonderful organisation to be associated with!

Through community, I hope to learn more about the wonderful work going on in the world of Customer Success. Meet new people, solve more problems and learn with every experience.
Here are some things one must know about me:

  1. I’m a football (Soccer) enthusiast.
  2. 42 seconds is my best ever time solving a Rubik’s cube!

Excited to be a part of the Community!

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I am new to the Gainsight Community and look forward to connecting with you all and learning more about Gainsight! I am new to the operations side of CS after previously being a CSM and this is my first time implementing Gainsight. I look forward to learning more best practices or tips & tricks for implementation/ general operations of CS! 

Have a great day everyone!

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Hello Gainsight Community,

My name is Jesse Wilson and I am a the Insided Community Creator/Manager, Gainsight Admin, and a Customer Success Manager at Workspot.  I get to dive deep it to most everything Gainsight and now Insided has to offer.

I am based out of Fallbrook California (Great Weather terrible taxes).

Love hiking, pickle ball, swimming and most things with my wife and two kiddos.  Spend my Sundays watching my Kansas City Chiefs.

I come from a technical training background having trained for more that 100 fortune 500 companies and spent 3 years writing all of the technical training for a large Cloud 500 company.  Love to learn, grow and help those around me do the same.  Looking forward to hearing some great ideas here!  Thank you.

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Excited to finally be here! I am in the CS Dept at Learning Pool, and really excited to get started with our deployment of Gainsight over the next few months!

Per my profile, too many years behind me in project and process management, but excited to take those experiences and apply them for the betterment of our customers, and our company, as we grow together in each of our respective journeys!

My interests include cycling, formula 1 racing, travel, and stalking our three (3) adult children as they create their respective legacies in this ever changing world we share! Looking forward to sharing CS/GS experiences with this community!

Hello Community! 👋🏻 

I’m Rachel, a Program Manager at OneTrust facilitating the onboarding of Gainsight PX to our Product Management team. Very new to this space, so I am excited to learn from this awesome community! 😍 

Based in Dallas, TX USA. Before that, hopped around a few of the other states, most recently Georgia 🍑 Outside of my day job, I work part-time as an unofficial live-in barista ☕️ at my folks’ home and own a growing online network-based business. 

Looking forward to connecting, gleaning, and listening to you all! 

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Hi Gainsight Community 👋

Just joined the tribe over here in anticipation of Pulse Europe in a couple of weeks. 

What’s your current role and where are you based?

I lead our Success at Scale business in EMEA at Alteryx and am based in London. Alteryx is focussed on bringing analytics to all with our data analytics automation and data science platforms and so we have a good basis for scaling CS with digital programs.

What are you hoping to learn from the community?

It would be great to meet and connect with other CS leaders. Really keen to share ideas, collaborate and learn from others around how we can innovate and solve challenges in the CS at Scale space. 

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m passionate about music and sport. I love seeing artists and DJs perform live, and have played rugby and all sorts of sporting endeavours since I was very young.


Also, speaking at Pulse so come and say hi and listen to our journey - it’ll be fun! 


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Hello there & welcome to the community @LukeM ⭐️
I’ve been around the world myself to see some artists perform live (we don’t get too many international artist visiting our country yet), so glad to see someone who has a similar interest.🙌🏼 🎶 

Ah really @revathimenon !? Awesome. What is one trip that stands out for you?

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Hello @eleanorarosewhite 


Learning is mutual and really looking forward to a great partnership. 

Hey, Customer Success friends...how ya doing? Looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you here.

My most recent role was as the Vice President of Customer Success for ISI Telemanagement in Chicago where I drove increased retention, improved customer loyalty and a growing expansion revenue generation team. The company went through a significant downsizing earlier this month, so I’m currently looking for my next challenge in the Customer Success world.

I’m hoping to learn about early-stage SaaS companies (Series-B/Series-C funded companies) that have great products and a big mission statement. I’m also hoping to share some of my experience and knowledge with those in the community.

For fun, I like to run, photograph nature/landscapes and travel.

Hi everyone, I am a Senior Manager of Customer Success Enablement at Workday.  I am located in Austin, TX and originally from Washington DC.  I am looking forward to networking on best practices for large enterprises around Segmentation, CSAT, Analytics, etc.  For fun I run a lot, do lake/boating activities with my family, and have fun with my husband and two girls.  Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

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Hi all, nice to virtually meet you (which is all we ever seem to do these days!) 


I’m Head of CX for CAE Technology Services, a VAR headquartered in the UK (but offices in multiple countries). We’re a relatively new CX practice and have subscribed to Gainsight to help us with the day-to-day management of our customers. Looking forward to getting this embedded into our everyday use and learning lots of hints and tips from the community (and giving back where we can of course).


As for fun, I’m lucky enough to live on the north east coast adjacent to the North Yorkshire Moors national park so get lots of walks with the family.



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@VarshaAhir It was great meeting you this morning and witnessing your clarity of mind and passion to build out the Community at Brightcove. 😊 Wishing you all the luck!

Couple of resources that could be handy for you


Same here @anirbandutta, thank you for your time and sharing inspiring ideas. I am bookmarking these resources 🙂 You’ve been a great help. I’ll see you around in the community :)

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Hello World!


I am Chee, former Senior CSM/PSM and now Lead Program Manager at Datto based in our UK office.


Working with a colleague of mine to get fully GS Admin L3 certified whilst maintaining/exploring and improving our current GS instance to provide our Success Org a better tool to work with.

Risk and Renewals processes were dominating the first half of the year for us and now moving on to other processes and hope that the community can assist with challenges we come across during our journey, in exchange I (we) will try and provide as much support as possible as well.


Fun stuff to do...guess travelling the globe is what I do for fun :)


Looking forward to exchange ideas here.

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Hi all,

I am Martin and I’m working as a Customer Success Partner (CSP) at SAP. We are currently building a tech touch team around one of our Cloud offerings. Therefore I’m looking for best practices in managing a tech touch customer base (e.g. defining certain phases and touchpoints with outreaches etc.). Looking forward to learning more.


Best regards from Berlin,


What’s your current role and where are you based? - Customer Success Operations Manager at VTS based on Chicago, IL 😎🌭

What are you hoping to learn from the community? - Best practices across the board

What do you like to do for fun? - Read, eat, travel, spend time with friends and my two cats 🐈

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@sarahbeattyPB Welcome to the community! 🙌🏼
That happy, puppy face - omggg! 😍

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That’s an interesting day @rkim182. Welcome to the Community! ☕️ + 📈

@harshibanka, @Sruthimalla will be v happy to meet you. 😊

Search our PX discussions area ongoing threads or pop in a new post for anything that is unclear. 

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Hello @Snigdha Adiraju 🙌🏼
Welcome to Gainsight and the community 😁⚡️