[2] Let’s Introduce Ourselves!!

[2] Let’s Introduce Ourselves!!

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You wouldn’t think that I won’t spot you @ShwetaH😀

Now when your friend is the Community Manager, just profile completion won’t do… but we need an introduction here and might I add with a pic of your charcuterie boards? 

I can already think of some specific intros after you did the above 2 steps 

cc @mmarques 

You wouldn’t think that I won’t spot you @ShwetaH😀

Now when your friend is the Community Manager, just profile completion won’t do… but we need an introduction here and might I add with a pic of your charcuterie boards? 

I can already think of some specific intros after you did the above 2 steps 

cc @mmarques 

Haha! Definitely, Anirban! I joined because of some excellent ideas by Bharati!

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Hello there & welcome to the community @LukeM ⭐️
I’ve been around the world myself to see some artists perform live (we don’t get too many international artist visiting our country yet), so glad to see someone who has a similar interest.🙌🏼 🎶 

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Hi @eleanorarosewhite ,
Welcome to the community! 🙌🏼😊

Thank you for sharing that exciting news with us! 🔥

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Ahh! So hard to choose.😄
I think it will be the one that I took to Fort Worth, Texas to watch the band BTS perform live.

I ended up staying longer to explore Texas a bit as well, so it was all fun!⚡️

How about you @LukeM? Any live performances that you cherish the most? 

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Hello All, 

Wow. What a robust community already. This is exceptionally good company to be keepin. I look forward to meeting many of you… virtually!

I’m currently conducting research on how I can best support people in the CS SaaS space facing the challenges below in anticipation/preparation of Pulse:

  1. Scaling CS - where to find candidates, who to hire, how to train and retain
  2. Increasing funding for your CS org whether it’s established or launching
  3. Demysitifying CS and increasing internal alignment 
  4. Creating more CS champions internally besides yourself
  5. Proving the worth of customers

Whoever is open to it, I would really appreciate it if we could hop on a quick call and I could ask you a few questions. If not, no worries, and I wish you all the best.

If yes, please use the link below: https://calendly.com/eleeconsulting/research-with-liz-lee

Thank you in advance. 

- Liz Lee 


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Hello @Kunal.Patel 
Welcome to Gainsight & to the community! ⭐️🙌🏼
42 seconds to solve a rubik’s cube - 🔥


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Welcome to the community, Jim, and thanks for introducing yourself! If you haven’t already found the CS Best Practices forum, there may be some conversations that are of interest, or you can start a new one. :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @Brittney ! The community is a great resource for first time Gainsight Admins. :relaxed: Feel free to post your questions (and search first, in case they’re already answered) in the CS discussion forums

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Hello everyone.  I am a CSM at CloudBees and will be project managing the implementation, governance, and ongoing functionality of Gainsight within my company.  I’ve spent over 20 years delivering software and managing rollouts, so feeling pretty comfortable in the role.  Next step is to become an expert in Gainsight integrations and best-practices.  Looking forward to becoming part of the community. 

Hi Everyone, I am the CSM team Manager at Mobysoft we are a SAAS company in Manchester England. Currently I am encouraging my team to use Gainsight more and starting to implement dashboards and best practice. This is my first time using Gainisght so I have a lot to learn. Main hoby is Kayaking trying to get on as much white water river trips as possible whilst also developing my playboating skills. 

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Welcome, @Kelvin and @kardalan5 ! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you with the community or Gainsight apps.

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Welcome, @Matt_Hinds ! If you haven’t already, you may want to check out our CS Best Practices forum, including starting a conversation. Also, we have a lot of great content for CS leaders and for your Gainsight Admin in upcoming virtual events, so be sure to review our events calendar. Admins in particular are encouraged to attend our weekly office hours for EMEA.


Delighted to collaborate in this community.

I work at InfoTech Research group as an Associate Director Member Service enabling members to leverage our assets & resources towards generating measurable outcomes aligned to their business goals.

Looking forward to sharing & learning on enhancing member experience towards generating profitable growth across the value chain.

Relish tasting multiple cusines & ocassionally dishing out manglorean (South Indian) cuisine for family.

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Hi all,   I come from the Community space, about 13 yrs worth in fact and have become fascinated by the opportunities and intersects the space has with digital customer success in particular and how the two can mutually support customers and organizational goals. 

I’m currently between roles but have worked with organizations like Workday, Khoros, BlackBerry among many others in a consulting capacity. I’ve also have had a strong connect with our CSMs teams in these roles and look forward to learning more from this great group of seasoned CS professionals! 

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Hello @john.chiaro welcome to the community!🙌🏽

And thank you for sharing the first day ‘good news’ with us too 🤩 

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I’m super excited to be joining the community! Currently, I work as a CS Ops Director at a small healthcare startup, and I looking to grow and develop my skills with Gainsight and CS Ops.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, and meeting new people. 

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Good day! 

Today is the first day Gainsight is live at Zoom and I couldn’t be more excited. As a CSM on our Higher Ed team, I look forward to being a huge advocate for the platform based on my past experience with it. 



Welcome John! 

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Hi all! I’m coming up on my 1 year of being a Gainsight admin and I’ve really enjoyed leveraging this Community to help me level up my skills. I hope to become officially Gainsight Admin Certified with my Level 3 certification by the end of the year!


I’m currently a Gainsight Adoption Manager in Denver (working remotely). It’s a really fun and unique role, where not only do I serve as a Gainsight administrator for our CS NXT instance, but I also am responsible for all enablement and adoption of the platform from our users. 


I love leveraging this community to source best practices. Gainsight is a powerful tool, but if you don’t know how to configure it, it can be daunting. This community helps me take my knowledge of common CS processes and builds them into the system.


Outside of work, you can find me traveling (both domestically and internationally) or hiking!

Hi, everyone!  Excited to be part of the GS Community!

I currently work as a CSM and my organization is in the implementation-phase for our Gainsight rollout.  I’m excited to leverage the Community to crowd-source best practices as we start using GS and welcome any feedback you all have!


When I’m not working, I’m usually making t-shirts or other crafts for friends and family.  My fiancé and I are also huge theme park fans and travel to Disney World as often as possible.  Need a DW travel planner?  Let me know!  ;)




Hey Everyone, (just a quick hi from me)

I am Tiffany Taylor and I head up our Customer Education & Success Team at Handshake. 

We are currently in the middle of implementing Gainsight and our team is ridiculously excited about what the full use of this tool could mean for us (and our partners/customers). 

It is never easy implementing a new tool (the people here know that all too well), however I am enjoying learning alongside my team as it is also giving us something new to bond over. 

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Hello Everyone!


Hope is all well! I’m extremely excited to join this community, i’ve been an end user of Gainsight and now an Admin in HealthTech. I’ve been using this community to learn as much as possible, it’s nice to have other people that are willing to help whenever. You can usually find me asking scott stuff during admin hours (LOL).


During my free time I love watching baseball, let’s go yankees! I’d love to connect with everyone on here, thank you!

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Hey folks, 


I’ve been on the community here for more than a year now. Mostly posting questions and product recommendations. But if I can be of any help to anyone out there focused on client education or product adoption, please @JPKelliher and I will do my best. 😀



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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening all,

Thanks @andutta for the welcome.

I am the Head of Community at inSided. 🚀 

I come from 10 years of customer service experience, moving through Support > Knowledge Management > Customer Success.
A mechanical engineer by education, I wanted to design formula 1 cars. I got to live out that dream through customers in my support role as I worked with the likes of Toyota and Renault F1🏎️.

Originally from Cornwall, England, I've lived the last 10 years in New York 🌃 and now reside in Rome, Italy 🇮🇹.

I like to play sports and have twice done the New York marathon. I most like to play tennis and volleyball, BUT with three kids under 6 exercise time is limited.😅

For the last 3 years I have worked in Customer Success, focussing on self service, Knowledge Management and community based customers. I am Knowledge Centered Service certified and very much a fan in working out loud.

I look forward to help you all be successful in leading your own communities! 🏆

You can also find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alistairfield/

I want to hear from you, so do not hesitate to reach out to me whenever you feel like it 😁




I am Mary Towle-Hilt and a Support Content Manager at DreamBox Learning. We are changing the way the world learns!

Currently, I am straddling Ops for Support and Customer Success and am very new to Gainsight. At the moment I am focused on learning the ins and outs of how we use Gainsight to promote Customer Success and analyzing our programs, email templates, and CTAs from last Back-to-School. 


Looking forward to learning more and am excited to be joining such a supportive community 😁