What ID in not supported in Programs or Rules

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi Team,


Currently What ID is not supported in Programs or Rules. We have this functionality in reports to use the What ID . Any plans of implementing in the data sets of programs and rules as well ?


In report builder I have this option to map the linked object and when I link it to company person , linked object is getting a look up to company person and I can expand it.




When I build a data set in programs using this ‘cockpit associated record’ object, I am not getting this option and I am unable to map to company person and  expand the linked object field


Use Case : Customer wants to send emails to the persons who are associated to CTA , As the Linked in object is not showing the lookup to Company person its not getting to pull the person details and send emails via program

1 reply

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I’d like to +1 this post as it would enable so much more flexibility for JO programs especially.  

User Story: As a CSM I would like to be able to associate a person to a CTA that when closed (or otherwise deemed valid) this associated person should be used as a participant in a JO Program.


Currently, as shown above, this relationship is possible in REPORTING but not in RULES or Program Source Queries.  This should be part of functionality PARITY across the admin UI and data model.

@darkknight /  @travis_floyd  anyone else support this? Please vote up!