Using links in Conditional wait after the wait timer

  • 23 September 2020
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Hi Team


Currently we can’t use links in condition wait that comes after the wait timer. Do we have any idea if this can be taken up as enhancement ?

Use Case: Trying to configure a program that sends an email and waits 4 days to send a second email If the recipient clicks a link in the email. I see the Conditional Wait node has the option to
track the link click, but only if the node is added right after the email send node. However, doing this will potentially send the follow-up email before the desired 4-day wait time.


4 replies

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Are you able to add the Wait Timer after the Conditional Wait? Or add some dummy interim step?

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Hi @GunaShekar Vudarapu . Yep, I’m able to add the conditional wait node after the timer, but there are 2 issues I see when I do: 


  1. The option to select the event I need isn’t available. Here’s what options are available when the node is setup directly after the email node (specifically “Link Clicked:):

And here’s the options available if the conditional wait node is setup after the wait timer (note the absence of the “When the below event occurred” section):


  1. Putting the wait timer node after the conditional wait may allow a contact to progress through the sequence when they’re not supposed to. With the wait timer first, the participant is guaranteed to wait at least that time (in my instance it’s 4 days) before going through the conditional wait check. If they go through the conditional wait first, their status is checked every 11 hours (if the timer is seto daily) so if they clicked a link immediately, they’d be good, but if they didn’t, they’d end up waiting the duration of the conditional wait period AND the wait timer period (which would be ~8 days and it should be every 4).

Any update on this?

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We ran into this recently @matthieuland -- and discovered that putting the wait timer before the conditional wait is not necessary. Even though in other programs the conditional wait re-assesses participant worthiness every 11hrs if the conditional wait is set to more than 24hr, in this case when using the event condition of “Link Not Clicked” or “Link Clicked” or “Email Opened” or “Email Not Opened,” it actually waits the full time given on the conditional wait.

For example, our program was configured to email a customer requesting a call and provided a link to the CSM’s calendly. If customer does not click the link after 4 days, send another email to remind them. If customer does click the link within those 4 days, end outreach.

No wait timer is required for this use case -- just set the conditional wait time to 4 days. It waits the full 4 days to see if the participant clicks the link or not.