There's no way to automate reports to internal Execs in Gainsight

  • 30 January 2019
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A customer of mine wants to be able to send reports to her boss. The use case is pretty straightforward: Right now, the exec is sent an Excel spreadsheet every Friday with a list of their accounts and key attributes. This exec does not have access to Gainsight, so simply having the exec viewing a dashboard will not work.

So what my customer wanted to do is automate a report that would be sent out to the Exec. Initially, I figured this would be straightforward, only to discover that all the potential solutions solve about 75% of the use case.

  • Send a program - Can't do this because every recipient has to be associated with an account ID. Even if the exec were assigned to a dummy account (which is apparently our suggestion?), the exec still wouldn't be able to get the report that spans across the whole customer base.

  • Send an outreach - At least with an outreach, you are still allowed to send to internal users without associating them to a dummy account. (Which begs the question: why can we not do this with programs anymore?) However, I recently discovered that we cannot attach reports to these outreaches, so I can't achieve this use case.

  • Share a dashboard - I suppose I can do this, but not in an automated fashion.

I'd love to hear if I'm missing something obvious here or if product has anything to add here with suggestions for how to achieve an important use case like this.


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31 replies

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How about using a csv file to distribute your reports with Program until something better is made available?

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The report has to be associated with an account or relationship in order to attach it. There is no way to send a cumulative report (such as email metrics for previous 7 days) to a contact in programs.

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And I want to keep the pressure on to ensure that something better IS going to be made available.

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This is defintely something we are trying to do and do not have the ability to do today. It seems simple enough that being able to schedule a report, not a dashboard, to run every week or based on a schedule would not be difficult, but maybe I am missing something. Hoping Gainsight has this ability soon.

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This is a big need for us as well and would help our internal support team know which prospects and clients to add to Zendesk if triggered automatically as a report export.

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Another +1 for this functionality, outside of the programmes in JO. Would be very useful to be able to quickly and easily set up scheduled reports to be emailed - as attachments.