There's no way to automate reports to internal Execs in Gainsight

  • 30 January 2019
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How about using a csv file to distribute your reports with Program until something better is made available?

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The report has to be associated with an account or relationship in order to attach it. There is no way to send a cumulative report (such as email metrics for previous 7 days) to a contact in programs.

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And I want to keep the pressure on to ensure that something better IS going to be made available.

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This is defintely something we are trying to do and do not have the ability to do today. It seems simple enough that being able to schedule a report, not a dashboard, to run every week or based on a schedule would not be difficult, but maybe I am missing something. Hoping Gainsight has this ability soon.

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This is a big need for us as well and would help our internal support team know which prospects and clients to add to Zendesk if triggered automatically as a report export.

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Another +1 for this functionality, outside of the programmes in JO. Would be very useful to be able to quickly and easily set up scheduled reports to be emailed - as attachments.