The ability to send internal users an email via the Journey Orchestrator is a game changer!

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…and it is coming in the Apr 9th release!
I have seen multiple customers ask me questions along the lines of sharing relevant information to internal users (key stakeholders). These stakeholders may not be CSMs and may not have CTAs assigned to them but they nevertheless need to be notified of critical changes happening with their customers. I just saw an internal webinar on the next release (Release 6.2) and found, to my delight, that this feature is upcoming. I am so excited about this feature and I wanted to spread that joy 😉.

Here are a few examples where you may consider using this functionality:

• Basic health report to Account Managers/Renewal Specialists with renewals in next X days

• List of all the escalated Risk CTAs for ARR greater than X to C-level executives and managers

• List of all open CTAs, in a tabular format, that belong to your book of business

• Sending a notification to users when a sponsor change happens

• Notifying internal users on a survey (e.g. notifying the Support Manager when a support CSAT comes in or notify the Professional Services Manager when a Financial Force project feedback comes in)

• NPS summary report to the execs from a survey that was recently closed

With this new functionality, your admin can now configure the emails to go out to Users (And not just contacts in Accounts and Relationships) and User Types.
Have you come across such use cases or would benefit with this functionality? Talk to your Gainsight CSM and reply to this post!

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If, along with that, comes the ability to deliver reports to them or deliver a table visualization emails (not just graphics), then that's a great news! Our limitations come also from what we are able share.

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Hi Diane,

Yes! You can send both reports and tables in these emails as well. I'm in the process of setting up an email for Account Executives with a list of their Book of Business (renewal dates, health of accounts, etc). Happy to share how I'm setting that up if you're interested.

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@diane_morneau : We do support tabular visualization reports to go out via the Journey Orchestrator.

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Thank you for adding this feature!

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I am not at all happy with this being the solution for internal report and email delivery and here's why:

WIth Journey Orchestrator, you have to (at a minimum)

- build the report in Report Builder

- go to JO and create an Email Template to attach the report

- Create a Program and Select your model

- create your source data set

- make sure you map any fields appropriately on steps 2-5 on the Participants Config (and save each one separately)

- go attach your template to the program model and map any tokens asappropriate

- End the outreach

- Publish the outreach

- Schedule the outreach

This of course doesn't even reflect the amount of clutter that will show in the Templates, Programs and Program Calendar - not to mention the inability to edit post-publish and troubleshooting challenges.

There are so many extra steps required to do this through a Journey Program.

I've said it before and I'll say again: Journey Orchestrator should be for customer engagement journeys - NOT internal operational reporting or sending internal notifications (other than CTAs that are triggered in response to an event).

Please consider the user experience and the overhead required to develop and maintain for this use case.

I thought Gainsight was focusing this year on improving the administrative experience? This is going in the opposite direction.

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To others who may not understand why I'm against this solution - once you open the door to emailing reports and or notifications to internal individuals in this way, you open the floodgates.

Think about the overhead in developing/maintaining/troubleshooting this dozens of times over.

This needs a simpler solution.

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Hi Jeff,

There are essentially two main use cases when it comes to reports:

  • Email reports on an scheduled, automated basis to a potentially large group of individual recipients, where the report is filtered to the needs of each individual recipient - every recipient gets a unique custom filtered report [list]
  • An example might be where you send a weekly report to each CSM summarizing their current overdue CTAs and newly created Timeline entries for their accounts
  • Email an ad-hoc report, filtered to a static view, to someone as a manual effort. Usually limited to a single report, sent on a non-recurring basis, to a single person (or small group of recipients) - every recipient gets the same report

    • An example might be where an exec is getting ready to meet with a customer face to face to manage an escalation and asks for a report of the recent health score trends of that customer
    [/list]The April release is designed to solve for the first use case primarily as the automation of Journey Orchestrator allows for mass emailing of filtered reports (no two users get the same report) to thousands of recipients on a recurring schedule.

    It's a powerful force multiplier!

    While it could also be used for the ad-hoc report use case, it was not designed with that specific use case in mind, so as you noted, the workflow on that has additional steps.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    I am actually talking about automated scheduling of reports - not emailing a report one time manually. Journey Programs are complex to build and manage. The more requests that come in for these types of internal communications/reports, the more administrative cycles it consumes to manage and maintain them. And last I checked, once they are published, you can't edit them. You have to stop, clone, edit and republish.

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    FWIW, I am using Gainsight to build the technology foundation for CS to support our current Sales team before we go and hire CSMs. This means that I need to use this for a number of reasons to send email to our Sales team...none of which are in GS. We are using Team View. 


    @darkknight is right. It is really rough. It’s better than nothing, IMO, and I appreciate the progress. But let’s not mistake this for being something that is really “effective.” Also, since I want to include the SEs on some of those, that’s 2 programs per notification, because you can only have 1 recipient in this type of program. (And for some of those, I’ll also want a CTA, which is a third “notification.”)


    And for context: These notifications are Lifecycle management, so they are not ad hoc. They are meant to be sent based on a change in Customer status.

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    Thanks @scott_sigsci - sorry you’re feeling the pain too. 

    I was previously been told by @maksim_ovsyannikov just before Pulse 2019 that Gainsight was working on the ability to email reports in a more simplified fashion - but I haven’t heard any more about it since.  Here’s hoping it’s on its way!!