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  • 16 October 2020
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Up until this point, we have been using the two out-of-box subscription categories.  We are looking at expanding the categories into more granular options to give our customers the ability to choose what types of emails they would like to receive instead of all or nothing.  

Since we’ve been taking the all or nothing approach, many customers are unsubscribed so they do not receive emails to be able to click the link to manage preferences and re-subscribe.  We also want to prevent an influx of contacts to our CSMs requesting manual updates.

Is there a way to create or link to a standalone Manage Preferences page for customers to self-serve?

If not, how do other organizations handle customer re-subscribe requests?

Thanks in advance. 

5 replies

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@jean.nairon @gunjanm , @andreammelde, @bradleymcg, @kelly, @Erseburse, @heather_hansen and @Nsimon308 could you please share your thoughts here. 

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@jenniferpa what is your pre-sales marketing strategy around this? I would suggest ensuring strong alignment there. They must already have a strategy in place that you may be able to piggyback off of. Plus, this would help ensure consistency in subscription settings. 

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@jenniferpa This is interesting one.  I haven’t done anything similar, but you could run a report at least in Gainsight of the customers who have unsubscribed, and then, reach out to them that way with an email with a link to the page.  @sai_ram if they are removed from the Deny list, would that let them be emailed?  Is there a way to remove more than one person at a time?  (I don’t think there is.)

It doesn’t look you like you can currently customize the unsubscribe link to point somewhere else, so maybe that would be a good enhancement?  In the meantime, you’ll have to add a separate line in your email templates to include the link.

I also agree with @gunjanm.  It wouldn’t hurt to reach out and see if anyone internally already has a process in place or in mind to address.

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@jenniferpa The first question that comes to mind for me is: if they have unsubscribed how would you reach them to send a manage preferences link in the first place? Are you reaching out with an operational email? Adding something to a landing page?


@heather_hansen suggestion of a GS report can let you see how many customers this impacts could be beneficial, as you may find that having each CSM have a goal of verifying X customer re-subscribes per day/week/month will be preferred to a solution requiring additional development. 


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I have posted as well as an idea to have a stand alone opt out page so that we can create an CTA for CSMs quarterly to reach out to customers to confirm opt outs. Please upvote this idea so that we can get it on GS roadmap.


To keep our systems aligned, we added opt out specific fields on the Person object and have a rule that pulls from SFDC to update the fields. We use these in addition to the GS opt out to keep aligned. If a customer has opted out of all communication, we set the Email Opt Out that is out of the box to Yes using the rule as well.


If possible, check with your legal team. We have been given a green light to send an annual survey to our customers to confirm their communication preferences. This will be set as Operational and therefore will receive regardless of opt outs. However, this still requires a manual follow up to remove.