Seeing Journey Orchestrator emails in "Sent" folder in email inbox

  • 16 November 2023
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When a Journey Orchestrator email is set up to send from an individual employee, is that individual expected to be able to see that email in their “Sent” folder in their email inbox? I was able to make this work when sending preview emails from a JO program, but a user is not able to find an actual email that was sent out in their sent inbox. We are not able to use the CC features on this program.

5 replies

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Moving this conversation to it’s related space for more visibility. 🙌🏽

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Hi @nguruswamy No, it’s not expected for the user to be able to see JO emails in their outbox and it’s not possible to do so in Gainsight. 

Simply put the email is not being sent from that individual’s email, not via your Exchange / Gmail servers but Sendgrid.

I suggest you consider logging your emails to timeline which as the name of the feature indicates will display the emails within the timeline feed for the account (it takes up to 4 hour from send for it to appear). On top of displaying the actual email contents, who it was sent to and from, you’ll also have some open / click data directly from Timeline.

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Hi @alizee  Thanks! I’m wondering how when I sent out previews to my team the originals did show up as if I sent it from my inbox in my Gmail Sent folder. 🤔 But that’s more of a rhetorical question. 

We are attempting to use the Log to Timeline feature, but unfortunately running into issues and working with support so wanted to check if there are other options available until we get a resolution on that. 


Thanks for the quick response to my question!! :) 



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I sure wish this functionality existed, @nguruswamy. From a continuity and consistency standpoint, I’d love to see those messages in the Sent folder. However, JO isn’t really setup to write into your mail files. Yes, it’s sending mail on your behalf, but it’s not also writing into your email box.

I’m not certain how you would have configured Gainsight such that messages were written into the mailbox’s Sent area. 

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Hi @nguruswamy 

I sent out previews to my team the originals did show up as if I sent it from my inbox in my Gmail Sent folder


I could be misunderstanding you, but when you send a test email for a specific participant in JO by clicking on either “Send Test Email To” or “Send To Me” as highlighted below in yellow, and if you’re configured as the sender of that email, then the email you send yourself for testing will look like it came from you in your or those previewers’ inbox. That’s expected. 

And that’s what I got in my inbox as a preview: an email sent from me to myself (because I am configured as the sender, and I clicked on “send to me”). So to me, it looks as if I sent it. But I didn’t. 

That’s how JO works, and it’s called “spoofing”. It’s all expected.