Renaming Script Fields in Journey Orchestrator.

  • 2 August 2022
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We recently added JO to our services for surveys and I am running into a roadblock when it comes to naming fields.

It seems that all of survey results funnel into 1 object which makes it difficult to obtain reporting or to rename using specific fields.

Case in point is for String fields.  I have String 1, String 2, String 3 but these do NOT always have the same data across multiple surveys.

  • ex. String 1 could be First name in one survey but String 1 could be Full Name on another.

I did not build the surveys like this so not certain if there is a work around or?



3 replies

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I’m not sure if your rule is trying to account for more than one survey but every survey has its own object you can query rather than trying to pull from an AO object.


You are correct @kelly but the Survey object doesn’t seem to have information relating to the participant and/or the support case which will help me identify how to writeback to Salesforce.



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The flattened object has look ups to the Company, Participant ID, Person ID, etc.