Recurring Surveys during implementation

  • 8 June 2021
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Hi all, relatively new user in Gainsight and looking for some advice.  We are looking to implement an implementation health survey that will be sent every two weeks during one of our implementations.  They survey will be sent to our implementation partners and our customer champion.  In the spirit of simplicity, we want to capture everything as easily as possible and just collect the status of 6 common risk areas and have them evaluated Green/Yellow/Red.  If there is a category evaluated as red/yellow, we’d like to trigger a new survey email asking specifically for the details related to those categories with a delay built in. 

I have created the surveys but need a little help with two things:

1.)  How do I set up a bi-weekly occurrence in JO to send these surveys?
2.)  Within a program, is it possible to send a second survey email?  

With number 2, I’m seeing the option to send another email but not with a survey link embedded.  

The idea with the followup email is we think in most cases, if everything is green we make it as simple as possible but in the case where it’s red/yellow, the followup email shows that we are looking at what they are sending and reacting to it. 

I do see that I can create a CTA, so perhaps there is a roundabout way with CTA options to trigger the second survey?  

I know this is a lot for one question, so perhaps it would be best for me to break it down into pieces…

Thank you in advance!



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You are right.  It does look like you can’t send another survey in the same journey since you are telling the journey at the beginning which survey to send.  So, it seems you’d have to set it up as separate journeys and basically use the participants from the first journey to trigger subsequent surveys.  For the follow up surveys based on color, you’d configure the same way but your query would also include responses.  

Heather, thanks much for confirming that.  I hadn’t played around much with the up front queries yet, but after looking at them, I think I can do exactly as you described.  I think I can also use that to figure out my bi-weekly recurrence issue, as well.  Very helpful, thank you!