Publish program withou valid participants

  • 16 November 2020
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Hey guys,

I’m a JO newbie, just testing the first programs in prod, and I’m facing a question that I’m sure some of you must have faced before. 

I’ve built a Program for new Customers to receive a welcome email from their CSMs. For now, because we’re still testing, we want to send it to two specific prospects that are close to be converted to customers.

The program is filtering the participants to only get new customers and since those two are still prospects I cannot publish the program.


Is there a way around this? Ideally I woud want the program to start to those 2 customers when they’re finally converted to customer, without me or other admin needing to trigger that.


Thanks in advance guys!

5 replies

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Hi @andr_raposo  - Are you using NXT or SFDC edition of Gainsight?

You could add those prospect accounts to Gainsight when they reach a certain stage.

There is also an option to send if there is no matching Account, which would tie the send to a specified account (typically a holding/dummy account that you would setup).


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Hey @john_apple !

Thanks for the reply!  SFDC edition.

So both accounts are already in Gainsight since we are indeed importing Prospects near closing.

So if I include a dummy that passes the filters I’ve applied to the participants, I can publish the program and once the other two accounts are converted to customers they will eventually be picked up and start being part of the program.

Did I get it correctly?

Thanks again for the help John! Much appreciated :) 

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@john_apple thanks for the quick response!

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@andr_raposo - Just so I understand, the prospects are in Gainsight already but aren’t included in the Program because there is a filter to only allow new customers in? And the end goal is to send an email as soon as they become a converted customer?

Is your filter based around a field like status/type and does it also include a data field (converted date/start date)?


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Hi @john_apple, that’s correct.

Can be both. There’s two fields that I case: the “type” that in those chases will change from “Prospect” to “Customer” and the “Acquired On” which is updated when the type changes to “customer”.