Please enter a unique step name

Hello everyone.


Can someone please help me to set up an e-mail? I am trying to add the e-mail template in the Program, I fill out all the required spaces but I get this message:


Error Message: Please enter a unique step name

I’d appreciate any insight, help or ideas on this.




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Thank you so much @heather_hansen & @sarahmiracle for your help and instructions. 

I changed the name and it’s working now 😊


Appreciate your valuable help!

Have a great week. 


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What Heather said! Here’s an image of where you edit the Step Name. Usually if it’s an Email Chain program, I’ll do “Email 1”...”Email 2”...”Email 3”...etc. Or you can make them more specific. It’s in your benefit to make them more specific as you can report on the “step name” that a participant is in.

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If there’s more than 1 email step in the program, you just need to name them something different.  So, at the top of the email page, you’ll see the name of the program, and then, Send Email with a pencil.  You just need to edit that to something slightly different.