Picklist GSIDs / Values in NXT

  • 4 August 2021
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When viewing participants in a JO, picklist GSIDs are shown, when those picklists are mapped as custom fields. Those should be the human-readable picklist value. I don’t believe an Object exists in NXT that allows you to look up the GSIDs of picklist values.





2 replies

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We have been seeing this recently as well and it appears to be new behavior as of a recent release/update… Our Boolean fields also switched from uppercase TRUE/FALSE to lowercase true/false. (Shown are some old participants and some recently added)


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This was true with MDA picklists in SFDC edition also (and affects rules as well,) but it is an even bigger one in NXT where we can create custom fields on core objects.


I’ve raised this a few times with Product and walked away with the understanding that it wasn’t a priority because it would require a lot of effort to solve and that we could just use a Case Expression to translate.

That’s not a good solution, especially if you have numerous picklist options or (heaven forbid) multi-picklist.  And to your point, you would have to know the GSID of the values...which is not easy to figure out especially if there are values no one has selected before.