Paused JO Program Participant criteria - failing on reentry

  • 28 July 2020
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I have a JO Survey program that runs monthly. But on certain months I need to pause the program which I have been doing. Last month I paused the program right after it ran, forgetting that I have a 7 day conditional wait after the survey email goes out, therefore leaving them in an Active state. 

I started up the program again this month, and all the new participants failed because they were still in an active state due to the Pause. 

My criteria for participant re-entry is attached. If I add ‘Paused’ to the ‘Participant with same unique criteria’  in addition to ‘Completed’ will the participants get added properly without failing like they are now? 


4 replies

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It might work, or you can consider removing the participants manually before the schedule runs!

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@mradford Why do you pause the program on certain months?

The survey is not the focus. It’s just in the signature. These are actually monthly communications (so 1st. 2nd, 3rd, 4th Tuesday of every month), and certain months we decide to pause a specific week due to other priority communications. 

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If you include “Paused” as an allowed status, then a participant can get re-added to the Program as if they were starting over.