Moving from SFDC to NXT- what is the impact if any to ongoing live JO programs?

  • 12 August 2021
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we are planning on moving to NXT version. we use JO customer automation emails heavily . 

did anyone do a migration from SFDC to NXT while using JO? 

if so, what was the impact to the active programs if any, during the migration and after moving to the new instance?

my concern that customer emails might be effected by this and how to i pick up on this in case of issues. 


thanks in advance 

2 replies

Hi @rozi_shuster ,

We have migrated  few customers with active programs. There won’t be any impact in terms of the email sent to the customers.Once the SFDC instance is migrated to NXT email will be triggered from the new instance.Ideally there should not be any issue but if there is something the team doing the upgrade will provide the full support until the migration is completed and everything is working fine with the new instance. 

CC @sundararaman_swaminathan 

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@CurtisValentine - was there anything else you had to do with your JO campaigns?