Journey Orchestrator - trigger per account, not participant

  • 11 January 2021
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Hi All,


A quick question regarding JO - we use it for auto-renewing our low-touch accounts where the program is fairly simple:

- bring in participants (billing contacts) who have now failed to renew, send them final 30 days notification - then wait for 30 days - check if they have renewed in the last 30 days, if still overdue, send an internal Termination notice to start the suspension process.  


The termination notice goes to our Internal team  - the issue being that more often than not, we have multiple billing contacts on file and so when one account fails to renew, there are multiple/duplicate termination notices being generated - one per each billing contact rather than per account ( albeit they all are sent to an internal email address). 


Is there a way to ensure only one termination email is sent out per account rather than per participant? I know the program journey is tracked per participant so I guess there isn't  a way to do this but it would be really useful functionality.





2 replies

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@katerina_nemcova Thanks for sharing the use-case here. I will work on it and let you know.

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One way we could try out is by creating two programs. Use the participants (who did not renew) from the first program as a source in the second program and add the uniqueness criteria as “Account”. Send the internal emails from this second program.