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  • 20 August 2019
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Would be great if you had the option to save the automated JO emails to Timeline so that the CSM could reference as needed. I'm thinking just maybe a checkbox similar to the Log to Salesforce one.


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I heard Timeline is more useful when reserved to CSM-related activities.

We added to our R360 view, reports that show the automated mailings so the CSM can check upon need. One report show the overall account receptiveness and the other is reader-specific. For example

1st report shows for the account

Email title - # sent to - #u opens - #u clicks - # unsubscribe - etc.

2nd report shows for the account

Email address - template name - triggered date - opened date - etc.

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I agree with Diane. Adding this information may create noise in Timeline. We will give the information about JO emails in an out of the box way in 360. Would this solve your use-case?

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@nitisha_rathi we do already have a custom section on the C360 that displays all the automated emails. However, since it doesn't display the content of the email, I get a lot of questions about exactly what that email looks like.

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This would be helpful for us - we use Journey Orchestrator to send out client reports and would like it if this specific email showed up on the Timeline.

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Resurfacing. We have specific emails that are just easier to send via JO rather than playbooks but we need them to count towards CSM activities (these are a KPI) since they are preparing the participants to begin with. They can only count if they appear on the timeline. I understand that this may not be the case for many, if not most, JOs, but, as @heather_hansen suggested, having an option on each Send Email module in the JO to log to Timeline would be ideal. I’m not sure why this option would not already exist. It is as if the product is choosing how to approach engagement for us, and pigeon-holing our strategy accordingly. Not ideal.