Journey Orchestrator: Is it possible to send a JO email to multiple recipients on one thread instead of sending a separate email to reach recipient??

  • 7 June 2021
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We want to group our JO programs so that instead of sending an individual email to each unique recipient in the dataset, we can group the recipients by customer ID and send one email to each customer with multiple recipients in the ‘To’ line. Is that possible?


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Hello @hwelch 
This is a very interesting ask, may i know the use case for this grouping?

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@chethana I can think of one example:


Let’s say you have a program to remind customers about an unpaid invoice. You have a primary billing contact as well as one or more contacts you would include for visibility. If you were manually sending this type of reminder you would CC the other contacts, not send them the same email individually.

Essentially, to answer your question just ask yourself “when would I want to CC multiple people on an email instead of sending the same email to multiple people individually?” And any use case for that is what this request is pretty much asking about.

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Hello @bradleymcg 

We will look into this and update you about any possible workaround.

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Hello @bradleymcg 

We will look into this and update you about any possible workaround.

The solution appears to be in development