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  • 3 September 2021
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  • Gainsight Employee: Shoshin
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Hi Team,


Is there any possibility to remove JO participants from an active program? There isn’t such feature available right now, but can we include it in our roadmap?


3 replies

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Hi @kdamera, thank you for your post. Will have our Product Manager look into this and let you know if this suggestion could possibly be included in the roadmap. 


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Plus one to this!  I like to send a bunch of tests before I really get a program live and have needed to just recreate the entire JO to make sure that my test sends aren’t included in the analytics.  It’d be really great to be able to delete the records or mark them as a test so that they are excluded.  

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Hi all,

As part of the JO redesign experience currently under development, we are including a mechanism to test send emails to participants before taking a program live. While this option to ‘test’ will be limited to the simple programs initiative, we have plans to introduce the same across all JO programs. 

The test data will be excluded from the out of the box reports. You can expect a phased release of the redesigned experience starting early next year.