JO behavior when token = null

  • 14 October 2020
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When I link a token to a Person's first name using an email template in Journey Orchestrator, but the Person's first name is not filled out (so it's null), will this person still receive the email?

I'm asking because in the template you can set a default value when mapping, but when remapping in Journey Orchestrator (on a sidenote: I feel it's strange that this is needed) a default cannot be set. As many of our contacts are created via rules engine based on data coming from Gainsight PX (where first name is often missing), I feel this could be problematic if people won't receive the email.

2 replies

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Mapping within the template is for email assist once they released the feature to be able to use email assist without a playbook. If you are only ever using a template in JO I’d skip the mapping in the template, but the default value set in the template is what will display in JO. 

The token must be remapped in JO because it can’t guess the objects to map, you have to map the fields you’re using in the program, which may or may not be the object you mapped to in the template. 

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I don’t set default mapping on the token value on the template so that it will just display blank if the value is null in the participant list. Only map in JO for JO email templates