Is there a way to have tokens match the rest of the text color in JO Prgrams?

  • 17 February 2022
  • 3 replies

I’m using JO Programs to send out emails and changed the main font color to a dark grey. I’ve noticed that inserted tokens are showing as black instead. Where in the html would I specify that it should be dark grey? 

3 replies

Just seeing this question. Not sure if you already got the answer but here is the solution. 

Suppose the text is “Hello FirstName” with firstname needs to be tokenized. Firstly, write the entire text in the desired color, dark grey in your case. Then, select the firstname and click on insert token. 



Thank you @sai.reddy. When we did that, we noticed that the preview and test email would look correct, but it didn’t always work for the customer’s email client. We did find where to change the body color in the html, which seems to be working. 


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I’m glad there’s a solution here, though I share @camber ‘s experience that the HTML surrounding tokens can get very squirrely in a hurry, and that the tokens often come out a different color or font or size from the text immediately surrounding them.

Some creature comforts would be great here, as I sometimes get an unexpected color/font/size often.