How to send emails in the JO only on weekdays and skip weekends?

  • 21 November 2018
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Answer: I have seen this use case and have wrongly used Continue function for this use case, so I want to make sure that others learn from my mistakes 🙂.

Here is how you can create a program so that you can send it out only on the weekdays:

1. Create a Salesforce formula field in the Customer Info/Company/Account object that determines the day of the week.

Formula can be cut and pasted from here:

CASE( MOD( TODAY() - DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7), 0, "Sunday", 1, "Monday", 2, "Tuesday", 3,

"Wednesday", 4, "Thursday", 5, "Friday", 6, "Saturday","Error")

2. In the participant configuration, add this calculated field:

3. Your handy helper is the Conditional Wait. Say your program looks like this. The first email is sent out as soon as the program becomes active or it can be scheduled to run on a certain date. Point is you can skip weekends in the first step. But once you wait for 2 days, there is no guarantee if that day is a weekend. Either ways, you can have ConditIonal wait at any point during this program to check if today is a weekday or a weekend day.


Your conditional wait looks like this:


4. Note the logic above(this is on the right hand corner) is A OR B OR C....It defaults to AND and therefore you need to change that.

5. Also note the Time Limit as 3 days which means Wait up to 3 days in the conditional wait. This is telling the system to wait until one of the above conditions is true (because of the OR logic) for 3 days.

When it is in Wait, the program check until wait period (i.e for the next 3 days) for every 11 hours. So, let's say if the participant is added on Saturday then:

  1. For the 1st 11 hrs, it is Saturday, so no email will be sent.
  2. It checks again in next 11 hrs and it is still Saturday, so no email will be sent.
  3. Then after next 11 hours it will be Sunday, so no email will be sent.
  4. After 11 hours it will be Sunday, so no email will be sent
  5. Then after 11 hours, it will be Monday, and according to the journey diagram above, the email will be sent.


11 replies

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This is awesome Meenal! Thanks for sharing this creative solution!!

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@meenal_shukla This is great! I did as you instructed, but when attempting to test this on a JO I created, the second email (after the conditional wait) doesn't get sent after the Contidional Wait is found to be valid.

Here is a screenshot of the Program:

Here's what the Conditional Wait looks like:

And here's the Preview of the Conditional Wait that shows the result is True/Valid:

Despite the Preview's results, I've yet to get the 2nd email to fire. Any ideas what could be causing the delay? Is it possibly caused by the Time Limit (3 days = 11 hours check)?

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Update: the 2nd email was delivered, but not after 2 minutes like the timer is configured for. It appears the 11 hour timer built into the Conditional Wait is what will trigger the next email.

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Is any progress being made to actually incorporate this into Journey Orchestrator functionality? This is quite a bit of work to not only incorporate this into each Program but each individual email step within each and every Program.

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@abhishek_sivaraman : Any timelines on when this functionality is available OOB?

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Hi all,


I would love to use this, but the original images are no longer available. Can you share again how you set this up?  Thanks!

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@All, I have updated the images, please have a view and let me know if you still see any issues. 


Hi @meenal_shukla !!!!

So I’m looking to set this up in our instance, but we are using NXT.  Does creating a formula on the company level in NXT allow you to do the same formula building like Salesforce?

From my time spent with it, it didn’t appear so, so I was wondering if you had any tips for doing this in NXT.


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hi @Justin Bills ,


Data management > custom field on the object with a calculated field for Day of (This function returns the day of the week for a given date) and use today(need to confirm if today is provided - will get back to you) as the field to calculate off of.

We can have formula fields in NXT: https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/02Data_Management/02Managing_Data_In_Gainsight/Advanced_Operations_in_Data_Management#Overview

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Meenal to the rescue!