How to best set up email so Gainsight knows which account/Project to align with for a specific email.

  • 23 July 2021
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Hello Community. I am a CSM for a software vendor new to Gainsight.

A Delivery Manager from my company can be working on multiple accounts/projects I am responsible for.

I want to add an email I send to her for a specific account/project automatically from Gmail to Gainsight Timeline. I know how to connect Gmail to Gainsight Timeline.

Question: How to best set this up so Gainsight knows which account/project to align with for a specific email.

Challenge: Delivery Manager’s email can be associated with multiple Accounts/Projects.

1 reply

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@Richards Welcome to Gainsight Community!!! 

I hope we don’t support that use-case. Let me recheck and get back to you.