How can I re-enable a dropped JO participant?

  • 18 August 2021
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Hello community!


I have a simple single email JO program configured to email our execs a weekly summary of some key reports.  It worked fine until I needed to make some changes to the email template.  I forgot that I needed to go into the program and update the tokens in the ‘send email’ stage, so all execs were ‘dropped’ on the next run due to a failure in the send email step.


I have since fixed the send email step and validated both it and the email template itself, then republished the email in the program.  I refreshed the participant list, but it will not reenable the participants.  Is this possible or do I need to create a brand new program to get this going again?  Thanks in advance.


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3 replies

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@SHOEBOX sorry for the inconvenience, will get back to you on this.

@chethana your expertise is needed here.

Hi all,


Refreshing the ask here.  Does anyone have experience with re-enabling ‘dropped’ participants in a JO program?


Thanks again.


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You have to have ‘dropped’ as a status for re-entry in the uniqueness criteria section, you should be able to update this in a live program.