Honoring the data permission settings in Jo programs

  • 15 April 2021
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Hi Team,


Currently Sharing rule(Data permissions) are not applicable in JO program to restrict the data(read/write) from other users (Non admins).



Super admin has created a MDA object and added a Sharing rule(Data permissions) to restrict the data(read/write) from other users.

If non admin logins , They won’t be having access to the object.

But they have the access to make use of that object in JO fetch (source) to pull the data and run the program.


Customer want to restrict the object to be shown in the source fetch as well. 

1 reply

Hi Team,

Please suggest a workaround if we have any. The Requirement is to stop the Ability to Clone/Edit/publish a Program created by 1 Admin by all the Other admins who have access to JO module ( Except Super Admins). At the moment, we do not have individual Program Permissions ( To Lock a Program) or the Object Data Permissions won't work here as well. So, looking for a workaround.