Gainsight Assist Chrome Plugin: handling multiple email addresses for same contact

  • 25 August 2020
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We love Gainsight Assist Chrome Plugin and use it heavily for logging email and leveraging templates. We recently ran into a limitation around cases where contacts have multiple email addresses.


It can be the case where two company merges or a contact moves to another brand within the same customer and so they will have two emails for a period of time during this transition.


To cover this case we added a field called Alternative Email.


We noticed that where we use the email address that is in the alternative email field, the email sent with Gainsight Assist is not logged correctly in the timeline.


It would be great if when logging email, that ALL email fields for a contact are checked before logging the email to the timeline.

1 reply

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Hi @GarethR - the Gainsight Assist Plugin for Gmail (and the Outlook addin that is coming soon) both use the Gainsight Company Person model for resolving the email address to a Person. https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/Email_Assist/Chrome_Plug-in/Gainsight_Assist_Chrome_Plug-in_User_Guide

This might be resulting in the unexpected behavior as the “alternative email” field you mentioned adding is not referenced in the Company Person record.