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  • 2 July 2021
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I’m fairly new to Gainsight so this is most likely a newbie question, but I need some help with the “Following” functionality. I’ve noticed that whoever is assigned as the CSM to an account is automatically marked as “Following” that customer on their C360 page. This in turn provides notifications to the CSM, which I know can be adjusted in their notification setup. However, what I’m finding is that even when we switch an account from one CSM to another CSM, the original CSM is still marked as “Following” that customers. This causes issues since the original CSM no longer needs to receives notifications for that account. I know that it can be changed manually by going into that account and just clicking the button. Is there a way to have this change automatically or update it in bulk? I know I can generate a report to see who is following who. I also checked the Mass Edits functionality and didn’t find anything. In most instances this won’t be necessary, but occasionally would be helpful if a CSM leaves or get’s promoted. Any thoughts or suggestions?

7 replies

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@justynharvey2021 I will get back to you on this.

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@justynharvey2021 as it exists today, the only way to change the assignments is manually. 


FYI @chethana 

Thank you! @dan_ahrens This would be a great feature/function to have available in the future.

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I believe if you’re on SFDC Edition, there is an SFDC object which records which Gainsight Users have “followed” which Company records.

I have memories of using Workbench to update a large number of these records for exactly this use case….individuals had moved on and we wanted to bulk unfollow users from a large number of companies.

Keep me honest on this, @dan_ahrens .

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That’s correct @matthew_lind . That said, a broad majority of Gainsight customers are now on NXT, so I didn’t want to mention that older functionality since it’s likely not relevant to most admins now, and even if they were on SFDC, when they upgrade to NXT, it’s going to be different for them. 

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Hello All,

  • Having an ability to bulk update preferences
  • Capability to see a list of users following a company

Both of these are now part fo our roadmap, once it is prioritised i will update you all.

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Dear @chethana ,

We are on NXT, but as a scale-up we have new people onboarding and thus accounts reassigned frequently. Good to see that this is on the roadmap.


Would it actually make sense to also add the following;

  • As a user, I want the capability to see a list of companies that I am following?