Field Configuration Changes are Inconsistent Across Program steps

  • 28 July 2020
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I just closed out a ticket with L2 relating to an update to dropdown list values not propagating through to the Program.

Updated values in a dropdown list do propagate to Conditional Wait step filters but do not propagate to Email Variant filters - I must delete the field and then add it back. Not ideal that I have to go through the variant filters, delete the field, re-add it, and then reconfigure the filter logic for all email steps and all filters across all variants.

The reason given is that filters in variants are part of the Email Template object, whereas the conditional wait step filter is part of Programs and L2 confirmed it’s a system limitation. I reiterated that the different behaviors across objects within a Program make it difficult to understand the cause of missing data and the required steps to take without raising a support ticket, I really wish there was more consideration for the admin experience.

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