Email replies on Conditional waits

  • 3 August 2020
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Hi community,

While not new to Gainsight, I’m pretty new to JO, so please bear with me. :)

I’m creating an Email Chain program, and while configuring a “Conditional Wait” I see the list of events that are available, and noticed that “Email not replied to” is not an option. 

Is there any way around this? 




Thanks in advance all! 

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Hi @andr_raposo -- there isn’t an easy built-in solution to leverage Conditional Wait for replies. I’ve found that Email Not Opened is a fairly decent proxy, though not perfect. Since replies aren’t coming back to Gainsight directly, there is no automatic tracking of email replies.

You could encourage people to log replies to Timeline and then try to tie that data back into a query that can be used in a Calculated Field for a Conditional Wait. The limitation with this is that there likely is going to be delay from when a reply occurs to when it logs to Timeline and is available for query in Journey Orchestrator.